Journal Entry #004 - 31st January 2019.

Todd Hido is an artist that I admire immensely. His photographs encapsulate such emotion and sense of atmosphere that they are poetic. To create a story with a single image is an accolade that I admire in any photographer. Flicking through one of Hido’s books is like reading the best poem of your life. You finish with a different emotion each and every time.

One thing that’s instantly recognisable within Hido’s work is that it’s all attainable. There is nothing special in there; house, street, tree, road. It’s all familiar.

Now, to get to the reason for this entry. The images I shot on the night of the 31st January. The first night of snow of 2019. After last years attack from the “beast from the east” everyone was on edge to see how we would fair after this first night. In hindsight, nothing to worry about.

Anyway, thinking about Hido’s ability to make the extremely ordinary become beautiful I set out to do the same. Capturing the completely ordinary in a condition suddenly transforms it into a wonderland of beauty. All though not on the same level as Hido’s these are my images showing the ordinary turned beautiful.

Shot on Ilford HP5+ rated at 400 then developed in Ilfosol 3 1+9 dilution at 20°C.